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Water levels have been low for the last 87-8 years and had restricted the amount of recreational activities that was possible on the Lake, but recent rainfall in the latter half of 2010 has caused the lake to reach 100% of its capacity.

The lake, created in 1961, remains the only water storage on the Campaspe River system.

Common activities on and around the Lake include caravan parks, camping grounds, picnic areas and public boat ramps.

Geologically and topographically, it is an excellent dam site. The curved embankment, 700 metres long, stands 47 metres high and contains more than 800,000 cubic metres of earth and rock. Three spillways cater for the overflow: a concreted main spillway which runs down to the Campaspe River, and two higher grassed spillways for exceptionally large floods.

Normal boating operations currently apply as water levels are above180 mAHD.

The safety restrictions and trigger levels were determined following extensive consultation with Marine Safety Victoria, emergency agencies, Victoria Water Police and the local community.

Boat users are asked to be aware of the dangers associated with low water levels and abide to all safety restrictions.

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